The Sound of Faraway Lands – Conversations on Literature (Dialogue Series)

The german fascination with the Indian subcontinent can be vividly witnessed in the works German-speaking writers with the onset of the 18 century, as well as in the works of writers like Hermann Hesse and Günther Grass. In their texts they not only reflect the general image of India of that time, but also their own cultural paradigms.

There is no understanding without prejudices – so famously argued the German philosopher Karl Jaspers, an admirer of Indian philosophy. In a similar way, one could argue that there is no engagement with another culture without projections. In this literary dialogue series, we invite artists from literature and other fields to explore the role of projections in intercultural encounters. Do we need them at all? If so, are they merely negative, or can projections be productive as well? How do projections manifest themselves in literature?


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