This blog is a potpourri of my (Krisha Kops) articles and writings, reaching from philosophical opinion pieces, to poetry, to prose. Especially in the Jnana-marg (Philosophy) category, the themes will have a lot of eastern as well as western input. This blog is a nexus between the west, the east, literature and philosophy.



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    • The article in ToI on vegetarianism was good but missed some crucial points. its true that end of kali yuga is closer than ever before. can I have your mail id?

      • Dear Rakesh,
        here you go: krisha.kops[at]gmail.com
        But do not forget that there are always points that have to be omitted, as a 600 words limit does not allow for everything to be mentioned. You will find a slightly extended version in the Jnana-marga section.
        All the best

    • Erreiche ich auf diesem Wege Herrn Kops? Falls ja:
      In dem guten Interview mit Frau Benhabib übersetzen Sie ‘federal’ mit ‘föderal’. Federal bedeutet allerdings das Gegenteil von föderal, nämlich zentral. Das können Sie bei der ‘Fed’ sehen, die keine föderale, sondern eine zentrale, eine Bundes-Bank ist.
      Ich habe diese sprachliche Eigenart als Brüsseler WDR-Korrespondent in der EU-Verfassungsdiskussion kennengelernt. Die Briten hassten den Begriff ‘federal Europe’, und ich dachte immer, sie müssten ihn doch lieben – bis ich den Unterschied kapiert hatte.
      Kurt Gerhardt

  1. Thu 29 Mar 2012–Respected Sir,–We organise PEACE OF MIND lectures for different age-groups on various subjects–Can we use the contents of your today’s writings in The Speaking Tree column of Times of india in our future peace-of-mind shows?–We will acknowledge your name publicly.–
    Please reply & oblige.–Regards,–PARAMESHwar K.R.–FOUNDER-DIRECTOR, PEACE OF MIND FOUNDATION-India, N-12, 2ND FLOOR, NENSEY CHS LTD., BORIVLI EAST, MUMBAI 400066–peace.of.mind012@gmail.com–parmeshwar_012@yahoo.com–
    parmeshwar.ramnath@gmail.com–Mobile 9892720473–Landline 022-28970442

  2. very informative & a preaching article in TOI on vegetarianism.kindly let me know your contact no.Moreover,human`s intestine is not made by GOD to consume and behave like carnivores but due to dominance & superseding nature man is acting so.Secondly,the people devoid of food in the world will benifit indirectly in this so called civilized & most developed era.In India it is well red & famous saying, JAISSA KHAYEIN ANNA VAISSA HOYE MANNA.AAHAR essentially affects the physiology & thoughts of human beings.VEG. can bring a tremendous change in the society and in the world also.

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