Hard Work

What do you do, if you are a celebrity and your career is on a low? How do you get it up? There are a couple of options. For example, you could start working hard, but that would take probably too much endeavor. There are easier methodologies: have an affair, wear a miniskirt and forget your panties, drive drunk and carry a handgun, or (to be 100% sure) get a sex-tape of yours stolen – by accident of course.

There are quite a few unfortunate celebrities who have their sex tapes circulating in the shady corners of the web and in seedy DVD shops. Most of these unreserved amateur videos have one thing in common: they were stolen and published by someone very, very mean. Katie Price’s tape was apparently stolen from the backseat of her car, Fred Durst’s private acting attempts were purloined by his IT-technician, who was supposed to repair his computer, and even the Spiritus Sanctus of the celebrity sex tape, Pamela Anderson, the actress and former show girl moans: “Someone has stolen my tape!” Nowadays these safes are really not what they used to be.

The next step (after having gotten your private tape stolen and published) is to feel either utterly ashamed or totally regretful. The heiress and socialite Paris Hilton “just felt so betrayed”, after her former boyfriend Rick Salomon released the tape without her consent. For the television personality Kim Kardeshian it was not her “most proud moment, it was humiliating.”  Even the most recent to join the club of involuntary self-made porn stars, Jasmine Waltz, defends herself: “I trusted some people I shouldn’t have and now I need to deal with this.” The waitress Jasmine Waltz is a former mistress of the actor, producer and director David Arquette (“Scream”).

Strange only that most of these tapes leaked when the involved celebrities were in need of a push for their career. Pamela Anderson’s and Tommy Lee’s video of their twosome boat tour surfaced after her first cinema movie “Barb Wire” flopped. Paris Hilton’s midnight amusements appeared shortly before her TV series “The Simple Life” debuted. Also Kim Kardeshion’s career reached postcoital highs after the notorious film with her ex, singer Ray J, found its mysterious way into the public. Before her sex tape Jasmine Waltz had had solely a few TV appearances, but ever since she reappeared with her new performance, she is being discussed all over the US media. Of course, everything is just coincidence. Jasmine Waltz disputes allegations that she desperately offered hear tape: “I never shopped a video around to anyone!”

There is no such thing as bad publicity; but there is cheap publicity. Nonetheless, to find out, whether these tapes were just a scream for attention or really a misfortunate mishandling of private property, we would have to go undercover. Is something like that soon to be happening in India, as well? Swami Nitayananda, a South Indian Guru who was caught on camera having sex with an actress in 2010, might be the harbinger. While the décolletés dilate in Bollywood, it is most likely only a matter of time until we will see the naked truth of publicity. Yet, who says that is not hard work, too?

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