Max-Michel Kolijn

Multimedia journalist

colleague, friend, and so much more

Christoph Peters

Award-winning author

who happens to be my creative writing mentor.

Norman Ohler

Bestselling author and journalist

who writes non-fiction as well as fiction.

William Dalrymple

Historian and writer

an in-between (Europe and India) like me

Dr. Christoph Quarch


who focuses on life related questions like me

Buch und Bohne

Best bookstore in Munich

with coffee, expertise, and an amicable owner

SZ Diskothek

By Johannes Wächter

the best music blog in Germany


A philosophy talk

where I philosophise with other thinkers


Acadamics Stand Against Poverty

a community of researchers


An organisation

which fights for humanism in a technological world

University of Hildesheim

Institute for philosophy

Where I am writing my PhD

Agentur Brauer

Literary agent

who represents my work


Yoga studio

which I collaborate with as a philosopher and journalist

Risk Society

A transdisciplinary space

where I lecture as a philosopher